Sunday, December 30, 2012


It's that time of year when I renew and make new my resolutions for the coming year.  Usually, I have resolutions (or goals if you want to call them that)  related to personal growth, some for health and some for education.  That's not really by design, but it is what I notice I tend to do.  A lot of times, these espouse and advance the values I hold dear.

And no, I don't have any advice involving how to make or keep a New Year's Resolution.  There is no real trick to it- you just think what would I like to accomplish by this time next year? Is that reasonable?  Is it worth working towards? Then you decide if you want to do it or not.  If you want inspiration towards making a reasonable, attainable goal, look here.  Or here.

In long discussion with Grey- without whom I could not do this one- I want to eat vegan twice weekly. Being a vegetarian isn't such a bum deal.  You can still eat ice cream and butter and cheese.  These are a whole food group for me.  But if you resolve to eat vegetarian twice weekly, you'll be doing your body and the planet a real favor.  If I had my way about it, Grey and I would both do a juice fast on Mondays like I used to.  It resets the digestive clock and for me was a way to even out my system.  But the vegan idea is a great one too.  Good for health and great for the environment.  It's easy to eat terribly as a vegetarian or vegan.  After all, all the oil you want is available, as are most candy bars and soda pops.  So the addendum here is healthy vegan.

*****In the interest of honesty, it should be said that I'm an incidental vegetarian.  I don't like meat much, except some seafood.  If you get me around my sister Patti and my brother in law, I'm likely to make myself sick on all the crab meat they give me.  Did I mention that they got a new boat over the holiday?  Super YUM!  But seriously, I don't want to be a hypocrite. I do like some meat and do occasionally eat it.  With butter and lemon.****

I'm going to take a personal enrichment class- at least one.  Either it will be a craft class, painting, cooking (ohhh, there's an idea!) or language.  I could really use a french class.  No reason. It's not like my last name means "God" in french or anything.  Last year Grey and I took a yoga class.  It was a wonderful way to connect with each other, to practice and to share an experience.  And it was fun.  I wonder how dangerous it would be if we both took a cooking class.

I'd also like to be more active in the spiritual part of my life.  We are attending the Unitarian Church here and like it a lot.  In fact, today we sat by Bo and Bee, whose last name also started with a "B".  They celebrated 65 years together this week. Their glasses and hair cuts match stylishly, and their trench coats were coordinated.  They wouldn't stop talking to us during the service but I don't think anyone minded because they are hilarious.  I'm glad to be part of a community which doesn't espouse dogma and which encourages people of faith to share and strengthen that faith.  Incidentally, the UU people also sponsor the vegetarian society in Ellensburg and share space with the Quakers.  In any case, I like the people and think we could do some good in the community.  If you're not familiar with the Unitarians, let's just say that it's a conglomeration of several faiths and those who really don't ascribe to one.  There is no real "preaching", and it's a welcoming community.  The central themes revolve around social justice, equity and freedom.  And drinking coffee.  Coffee is also a vegan beverage.  Two of the leaders in the church are vegan; one is retired and the other is the head of the Computer Science department at Central.  They have a geodesic dome house on a couple of acres.  It's solar panel equipped and mostly self-sustaining.  Ok, I'm committed to walking to work every day (even in the snow!), but I'm not sure I'll ever get to that level of awesome.  I will, however, save a ton of money on gas.

I'm not so sure about my next one, but here goes: I'd like to walk a marathon this year.  My knees and hips won't let me run one, but I could definitely walk 26.2 miles.  My problem is that I need someone to commit to doing this with me, either in person or virtually.  Interested? Email me!

I think that about covers it for this year. I'll stay committed to good health and kindness, working my ass off for causes I believe in and general trying to be a good person, family member and stuff like that.

Do you have something to say about New Year's Resolutions?  Share in the comments- what do you do for resolutions- or what do you dislike about them?


  1. Lovely! I always read your blog, but sometimes don't have time to comment. This year, I am committing to buying all of my clothes second hand or from fair trade sources. I'd like to eventually expand that to everything I buy, but I'm beginning with that first. I also want to take a class on foraging & wildcrafting. I have all but abandoned my blog, but I am going to start a new one on being radical homemaker and feminist pastor's wife. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I hope you write about it! I love thrift shopping but you'll have to lead me on wildcrafting. I would love to read more of your life. Actually, I'd just like to sit and have a cup of coffee with you several times a week. I miss you, my dear! <3

    2. Oh me too! I'm so sad we didn't get to spend more time together your last year in OK!

  2. I wish I had the discipline you and Grey have with your diets. I would settle for eating a little less sugar and trying to get a bit of exercise into my routine.

  3. I'm going to try to walk more, ride my bike more, and draw a bird a day. Well, maybe 3-4 a week...? I bought a book, and it seems like writing: you just have to DO IT.