Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Photo Blog!

I have been very busy lately- finals, Christmas, snow, shopping and did I mention finals? 

Here are a few photos (old and new) of my favorite things.
Flu shot. He was brave (and handsome!) ((Yay, I MARRIED this guy!))

I miss this face

Snowy guy

Every. Single. Morning
Not me- the cat!

They're buddies

If one more student uses "we" or "I"..... 

She loves outside but can't be trusted not to run away

A visual metaphor for our personalities

Much easier to take care of than long hair

Thinking and writing and thinking.... 

This was a wonderful class!

Oh, I love snow.  Wish it would stay longer than a few hours. 

Something healthy and warm for a cold day of shopping

That's snow coming towards us

Eleanor loves sitting inside, watching snow fall

My sister's applesauce reminds me of days not long ago!


  1. Really like your picture of the light pole in the snow - good enough yo be a postcard. Hope you all are doing ok. Missed you at the Cavitt christmas and annual gift stealing game. Love you guys. Your favorite fil.