Sunday, January 13, 2013

Norovirus, Oscars and Snoqualmie Pass

I lived
So last Saturday night I got sick. Really sick. Like "Oh my God, which underlord from the depths of hell did I piss off" sort of sick.  The sort of sick that comes out everywhere.  Sounds and other things came forth from my mouth that I have never heard before.  It sounded something like "HOOOOOLAAAA RAAAAALPHHH OHHHHHH" and was punctuated rather uh, chunkily.  I thought it was food poisoning, but it lasted, and lasted.  And lasted.  Three days before I could get to work and the rest of the week feeling pretty yucky.  Tired, a small fever and cough.  Fatigue and body aches.  All I lived on for days was Gatorade and eventually, pretzels.  Most likely, I had Norovirus.

Poor Grey took care of me.  We busted out the good air mattress and put it downstairs in the living room for my sick command center.  I just couldn't make it up and down the stairs.

And I lived through it and got to go back to the gym two days ago.  Yes!

Just so you know, those three days when I couldn't eat anything count as my vegan days.  Suck it.


But we still had two other vegan days this week.  Our only real dairy products are occasional cheese and yogurt.  Sometimes it's fro-yo.  We had frozen yogurt last night, even though it was under 20 degrees fahrenheit. Don't worry, I drink lots of warm liquids to keep the cold out of my gullet.

Even thought it's freezing-ass cold, Snoqualmie Pass, at 3022 feet (921 m) is still quite operable.  This year has only had one avalanche, and that was controlled.  The pass has 24 hour cameras and is updated every five minutes so one never has to wonder if driving over is going to be treacherous.  That's not something we ever thought about when I was a kid (read pre-internet stone age).  Imagine that you are sitting in a warm comfy bed with your hands out in front of you.  The bed is Washington.  Seattle is in your left hand, that Ellensburg is in your right.  In between the two is a quilt strung over your knees.  You have to drive over the top of the knees to get from one point to the other.

Grey took off for Seattle today, while I went to the UU Church.  It's difficult for him, especially this time of year, to get to see the movies he really wants before the Oscars.  Now that they have been announced, it looks like he won't get to see Amour before the awards show.  Zero Dark Thirty just came to town on Friday.  It's got to be depressing to live not only in a small town after living in Tulsa for so long, but also to have a stark absence of arthouse theaters like the Circle Cinema to go to for all the fun films that don't get a wide release.  So while the pass is clear and the day is bright, he took our little car and made a run for it.  I like films but I don't love them the same way he does. And you know, sometimes a guy just needs to go pursue his hobby.

While the cat's away..
Our car, Silver, is pretty reliable.  Grey takes very good care of her/him.  We aren't sure whether Silver is male or female so we use those pronouns interchangeably.  He'll get there and back without any problems.  Anyway, since he is off to enjoy himself, I am at home, snacking on whatever I want, sampling Gew├╝rztraminer and writing.  And reading and doing whatever I want.  It's kinda nice.  Oh, and at church, one of the ladies told me she liked my hair and that I must be the sort of girl that women warned their sons about.  Thinking about my big plans for this afternoon- laundry and writing and maybe catching up my online classes- I doubt if anyone has much to fear from me.  Unless they are a student.

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