Saturday, June 28, 2014

Westside Story

I had a one-week break between spring quarter and summer.  My summer class is online and the Writing Center has graciously let me stay working for them through summer. I really do like them; it's not their fault that things fell apart.  So I wanted to use my time wisely but G didn't have the week off. Poo.

My mom and her husband, John, were going to be in the area, so G and I invited them to stay with us for 2 nights.  As a bonus, my nephew Dustin was with them.  They also had a little dog named Cheechee.
Eleanor helped me make the bed in the guest room. Can't you see that she loves that a dog is coming to visit?!

Oh, yes, that's why I went to the trouble of rehabbing this table... *awkward pause*

This kid here- he's one of my favorite people. What a wonderful young man!

John and Cheechee. Yes, D is reading one of my books. Yup.

There is no mistaking that this is my mom. We look so much alike.

I like John.  He earned three purple hearts in Vietnam.  He probably wouldn't tell you that though. 

Seriously. I'm his Mom #2. 
One remarkable part of this visit is that I got to spend time with John.  I like visiting with my mom and with my nephew. Don't get me wrong!  It was just that she married John when I was like 31 and living in Oklahoma. So it turns out that just he and I are the morning people (G was at work). So I made coffee and breakfast and we talked about literature and war and PTSD. I have had many, many vets in my classes and I enjoyed his perspective. He offered a few books that might be beneficial.  

After we packed them off to the next leg of their journey (They were making 5 stops on their vacation!), I threw some stuff in a bag and headed West.  My niece Niqui invited me to stay a night with her, so we did dinner and hung out on her porch for the evening and talked Aunt/Niece or Friend/Friend stuff.  She's 25 now so it's a different relationship than when she was 6 months old and I rocked her to sleep with her twisting my hair with her fingers as she nodded off.  
Love driving on the West side.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Jeez, I guess I'm fond of the black tank top.

See that? I'm going to cross a huge bridge called the Hood Canal Bridge. 

This is the Hood Canal Bridge

Can you see the sign? It says "Egg&I Road".  Yeah, from the book.

Us at dinner.  She did my hair.

These puppies are so sweet!

This is Jazmyn- she's the biggest puppy of all.

This puppy is rotten, but only 6 weeks old.  She's a good cuddler.

Cute house, huh? I love A frames.
Then I spent a few nights at my sister Patti's house- same sister from my wedding.  She's also one of my very dearest friends.  We dug around in the garden and went berry picking.  Ok, berry eating. We didn't bring any home and they have just acres and acres of blackberries to scavenge. Her husband Brian - who I also count in my friends- is the crew chief on a sprint car, so we went to support them.  JJ Hinkle won. It was a pretty exciting night. 

I always feel like I'm driving to Narnia when I go to my sister's house. 

Kia is the greeter

This is Leia and Lacy

Lacy is Dustin's puppy.  She's a snuggler.

Brian. We also call him "Grumpaw" instead of Grandpa. He's not that grumpy.

See that apple tree to the left of my car? I once ran that thing over.

Got my hair cut when I was there too.

This is Leia. She's saying "CHEEEEEEEZE!" She's precious.

I'm not photographing and driving, promise.


We are such goofballs!

JJ Hinkle.

You wouldn't think that rocks would fly up and hit me, but they did. I got a huge bruise on my right knee. 

Neat car

This is the crew after their big win

I did spent a bit of time in Port Angeles.  I do love that place above most others.  It's way out on the peninsula.  The beaches are rocky and cold, even in this summer.  But I love it.  My soul always feels,  Oh, I don't know, rejuvenated there.  
I had to stop by here.  Great college- I love the campus

Outside the long house at Peninsula College


Ediz Hook 1

Looking towards Canada from Ediz Hook


Sea Monster?

Looking at Port Angeles

I just love the view

Well, it had to come to an end.  I was missing G, so I went home.  Good times, but I'm glad to get to where I wanted to be- my house with my husband and one very cranky cat.  She didn't talk to me for two days, but this morning it was all snuggles. 
It was a beautiful drive home.  This is Mt. Rainier

So happy to see this guy!

You didn't want to wash DIS laundry, did you? Too bad!