Saturday, June 28, 2014


I'm probably going to write two posts today; one about Seattle and one about my quick trip to the West side to see my family.

First, I love Seattle. So does G. I think... no. I'm SURE he would move there in a heartbeat. In face, Seattle is where I'm most heavily concentrating my job search.  Our second anniversary came up and we did a two-day trip.  One day was hiking up at Manastash Ridge in Ellensburg, and the other was in Seattle.
First, Manastash:

It was a little steep

The top was a memorial for people who have passed on

Ignore the scowl on my face

It was a long ways back down, too

Happy Anniversary!
So the climb was worth it just for the views.

The next weekend we went to Seattle, specifically to the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). I was so impressed.  My favorite art isn't modern art or those beautiful Grecian urns. It's the paintings. I love them, especially impressionism.  I also really like Native American art.  In the NA art, we saw a lot of blending old and new, and taking traditional designs and putting them into new forms.  I see the wisdom in it- this is truly how culture is carried forward. 

This Guy!


Ok, she didn't go, but she wanted her picture in here anyway. Cheese!

I was fascinated by this indoor lodge pole with two figures. It had a twin on the other side. WOW

Oh Monet!

Angry white guy with bible

Considering the age of this piece- almost a thousand years, I'm blown away.

This cedar box is made from one piece- bent wood.  The top and bottom are separate but it's otherwise ONE piece!

This is The Triumph of Poseidon 

This is a close up of someone having to smell Poseidon's foot.

That's Zeus as a Swan, with Leda and their children, Helen of Troy, Castor and Pollux. Why are baby cherubs so terrifying?

This is a tapestry called "Oiling". Beautiful, no? Yes! I love the traditional/modern blend.

This guy is outside of the museum.  His hammer swings. 
We went by the Market afterwards. 
Apropos of nothing, this is a great phone background
We had lunch and then gelato at a place called "Gelatiamo".  "Yumm-o"!
This is a view from the water from a block outside of the museum.
I had so much fun on this trip.  No pressure, no real agenda.  Just relaxation. We ate lunch at a place called "Wild Ginger", where G said he had the best pad thai he's ever had.

And just because I love them, here are a few pictures from our wedding, two years ago. <3 br="" nbsp="">

If you look in my bodice, there's a small book of poetry in there. A gift from a lovely person.

This makes me smile!

We tried lots of cake before settling on the tres leches cake. 

We framed this one.

My sister Patti, me, G, and his brother, T. I love T's tie! My friend Cathy made the bouquets, and Charlotte lent me her pearls. They are the ones who made it happen. Well, the party part, anyway.

Just for the record, I never thought I'd get married again. I think that neither did G. But here we are. I wouldn't have it any other way.  These are the important things to us: spending time together, family, adventure, kindness, commitment.  It's not that we're constantly celebrating how awesome our marriage is. C'mon, I'm a human and sometimes a cranky, reclusive, selfish one. But even in those moments I know that I'm truly loved and that someone accepts my love in return.  

Happy Anniversary, G. Thanks for all that stuff ^^.

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  1. So many great things to do in your state, especially in and around Seattle. What a hike! I like the selfie kiss and love the wedding pics. Congratulations! As my husband says, "Ain't love grand?"