Friday, June 21, 2013

Portland in Pictures

G and I headed to Portland for a few days before my summer work schedule began. 
Apparently, Portland is run by the mafia. This is at Bagdad Cafe on Hawthorne Street

This is at VooDoo Doughnuts downtown. They were great!

A driver in front of us. I love the sticker of the woman lounging- reading a book. This person wins the internet!

The International Rose Test Garden in Portland. Lovely and good-smelly.

The beautiful Columbia River, which separates Washington and Oregon. 

Some guy I picked up in the rose garden.

At high tea in the Heathman Hotel. Perhaps the highlight of my trip (besides the shopping).

In the Japanese Gardens. Stunning vistas. 

Another view of the Japanese Gardens. Loved it. 

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  1. Loved getting to see what you saw on your lovely vacation - so much beauty! Great photos, especially of the guy you picked up "along the way". LOL