Thursday, May 30, 2013

What To Get A Woman Turning 40

So I had a lovely 40th birthday- Went to work and taught a class. Came home to a thoughtful and useful gift from G- a bistro set. Exactly what I wanted! He even had gluten free vegan cookies and a bottle of sparkling wine.

 My mom even remembered. She sent me a lovely gift and called me on my birthday.

G also took me out to dinner at the nicest restaurant. He even made reservations, though on a Tuesday night in Ellensburg, you probably don't need them.

My husband's family called, sent messages and texted me too. Even a couple of nieces remembered. I felt really loved. And tired.

 I sick, sick, sick for my 40th birthday. Couldn't drink the wine. Sat on the bistro chairs for about five minutes in the sunshine. Went to bed right after dinner. So no pictures yet. Soon. But don't think I didn't enjoy my day. I really did!

 I toughed it out until this morning. My cough started to really hurt and I felt exhausted just waking up. Usually, once I'm up, I'm ready to go. So I took the day off and went to the doctor. I do not have time to be sick. I don't have time for bronchitis and I sure don't have time to take a whole day off of work. 

Blood pressure 102/77. Resting heart rate is 58. "You're healthy as a horse," said the doc. "Except for that viral infection that's suspiciously acting like bronchitis."
 She smiles a lot but otherwise I like her. "Rest. And take this fistful of medicines twice a day."

I DON'T HAVE TIME TO REST! FINALS ARE COMING! I HAVE TO GRADE! I didn't say any of that out loud. It was all screaming in my head. With more exclamation points. There was even one upside down.

But when I do get to feeling better, I'ma use that bistro set, sip some bubbly in the sun (or maybe just carrot juice) and maybe finish grading these papers.

Anyone want to grade papers for me?


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