Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Finest!

When I first entered grad school, I met my friend Janis.  She was the co-director of the Oklahoma Writing Project, a National Writing Project site and a place where teachers teach other teachers to teach writing.  It's an amazing, wonderful and awesome organization, filled with thoughtful teachers, mentors and now, my friends.
We even went to Nashville, Tennessee together to the National Council of the Teachers of English (NCTE) annual meeting.  It was wonderful.  Janis and I and our other friend Shelly stuck together like glue and decided to go on a writing marathon one afternoon.  What a hoot that Janis got a tattoo that day! Would you like to know where it is? Because we hung out in a dusty old bar called "Tootsies" and wound up picking out tats together.  I got mine about a year later, but Janis is a trooper and got hers  on the spot. Shelly, well, she's a little more of a shy-away-from-bodyart sorta girl. That's good too. I was the "not today" girl.

And wouldn't you know it? Janis wrote a book. And in that book is a story called "You Go First"- featuring Janis, Shelly and yours truly.

Shelly and Elvis
Shelly and Janis

I think I might've taken that picture too

Janis asked her friends to write a review of "My Finest" and post it to Amazon.  Since I bought the book on Kindle and had already read it, I wrote a review. 

Damned if she didn't use it for the back cover.  

And there it is- a book review by a crazy redhead Wild Okie! 

She even sent me an inscribed copy.

And she signed it too! 
You can get your very own copy of her book at Amazon by clicking here

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