Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Good Day To-

Today I got my copy of Oklahoma English Journal in the mail. I have a new article in it on five books on teaching writing that I cannot do without. It came from a class I taught last quarter, a graduate seminar on composition theory. 

My friend Robin Murphy has another featured article and yet another friend, Eril Hughes, added a book review.

Tomorrow, I have been invited to give a keynote address for a conference on innovation.  I heavily considered calling it "Making shit up; hoping shit doesn't blow up", but ultimately I have discarded that idea. I will find a more appropriate title.

My classes are buzzing along and I am having a terribly busy quarter.  Teaching 4 classes back to back is exhausting but also keeps me on my toes. My students deserve the best I can give them, though by Friday it's much less wine and roses and much more top ramen and generic beer.

I'm off to grade and write that speech and then to work out and have some dinner with my partner and spend some time hanging out.  Ok, I'm pretty much going to torture him all night, asking his opinion on what to wear and how to inflect this observation and the wisdom of cracking this such joke.. poor Grey.

But for me, it's a good day to just be.

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