Monday, February 25, 2013

Sex(ism) and the Oscars

I watched the Oscars with Grey last night.  First time I've seen them all the way through.  I remember when I was in high school and I watched a portion of it. People dressed in dark tuxedos and glamorous, skin baring dresses with hair up to here and yards of fluffy gowns.  It was fun and a dress-up event.

Grey watches every year.  He used to do so with his friend Jeff, but last year Jeff got married and this year Grey married me and now we two couples live half of a country apart.  I've seen the majority of the films that were nominated and am a huge supporter of Beasts of the Southern Wild.  It was my favorite film last year, followed by Amour, Moonrise Kingdom and Looper.  The little girl who played "Hushpuppy", Quavanzhene Wallis, is 9 years old and she was at the awards show.  She and 86-year-old Emmanuelle Rivas (Amour) were both nominated for best actress.  They were terrific in their performances and I almost couldn't tell you which one I preferred.  Grey has a running list ranking his favorite films of the year. He published his predictions.  We ordered pizza and ate chips and dip for dinner.  We even opened a bottle of wine, a chardonnay from Snoqualmie Vineyards.  God bless Washington state for its cheap and terrific wines. And we settled in to watch.  Grey wore his best evening sweatpants and a soft cotton teeshirt.  I wore my favorite pajama bottoms.  They are baby blue and have white snowmen all over them, in different configurations.  I paired my trousers with a crimson pullover with an OU emblem over the left breast. My hair was simple- a ponytail holding in a day of unwashed hair.  No shoes. Daring.

You get the picture.  I was S E X Y.

Anyway, Seth McFarlane was the host. There were songs like "I Saw Your Boobs" and a plethora of jokes aimed at women's bodies.  Very specific jokes about Sandra Bullock, Kirsten Stewart, Anne Hathaway and others.  It wasn't just McFarlane.  The Onion, a satirical "news" site, took to twitter to call Quavanzhene Wallis a cunt.  They later issued an apology. Michelle Obama was attacked for her satellite appearance, even though Ronald Reagan and Laura Bush have also made appearances.  MSN, like many others, ruthlessly subjected women, and only women, to judgements on their outfits, their make up, their jewels and their hair.  McFarlane even made jokes about Jodie Foster, saying that since so many people were watching, she would come up to ask for her privacy.  Nobody wanted to point out that Claudio Miranda looks like Fabio's son. Nobody bashed Ben Affleck's shoes or made fun of that haircut that made Daniel Day Lewis look like Joaquin Phoenix.

Ok, so whaaaaaat?

It just seems that there is a lack of respect and even common decency present from the dominate male perspective.  The men were often picked on, but mostly for their penchant for dating younger women and... uh, yeah. 
Let me demonstrate.  One news source tore the women to shreds, but of the men said this:

Worst-dressed manYou want me to point out the kilt, right? But that kilt was awesome. I don't mean to be unfair to the women, but all the men looked great tonight.

Nice job.  And you're jerks.

There were a few standout moments though.  I loved, loved, loved Barbara Streisand's In Memorium tribute.  I read that she hasn't been involved with the Oscars since 1976.  I can see why.  Adele, whose performance lacked her signature power, won a well-deserved award for Skyfall.  George Clooney did a wonderful job of introducing the In Memorium portion.  Michelle Obama's part of the program was wonderful and Jennifer Lawrence, who won for Best Actress, was gracious, recovered from her trip up to the mic and wished Emmanuelle Rivas a happy birthday.  That's pretty classy.  When she tripped, Hugh Jackman leaped up to assist her.  Charlize Theron, despite being picked on for her short hair, helped a security guard after he had a seizure.  Nazzie looked appropriately like a little girl with a pretty dress and her puppy dog handbag.  I hope she doesn't grow up too fast.

Maybe next year they can get someone good to be the host, like Neil Patrick Harris or Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.  I'm going to start planning my wardrobe now.  And our meal.  Maybe next year they'll emphasize the films.


  1. I really enjoyed this post - lots of things to think about. Gotta admit though - I thought the "Boob song" was pretty funny.

    1. I thought it was funny at first, but one of the movies he named was a rape scene and it's more indicative of our culture that women have to get naked much more often than men onscreen.
      One thing I loved was when he said that the only person's boobs he hadn't seen were Jennifer Lawrence. Then the camera panned to her and she was like "Yeah, that's right!"