Friday, February 1, 2013

Bee Poop

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At the beginning of the year, Grey and I decided to eat vegan twice a week. Ok, I decided to go vegan twice weekly and he got on board with it.  It's not that big of an imposition, really, because we don't eat that much dairy anyways.  Except sometimes when we pig out on cheese and/or eggs.

But there's a difference of opinion between us about honey and beeswax. 

I love Jelly Bellys. Man, oh man, do I love them.  Four calories each. I especially love the buttered popcorn ones and the sour ones.  I love them so much that a friend of mine in Chicago sent me a few pounds as a housewarming gift when we moved to Ellensburg (thanks, Tammy!).

I totally get the vegan idea of not harming any animal to get food. Enforced milk production in cows and eating little pre-chicken avian ovum can seem pretty yucky.  "Here, let's just squirt a little cow udder excreta on your cereal" doesn't have the same ring to it as "dairy products".  Pasteurization and good marketing have done their trick in the U.S.  And there are few things I like more than yogurt, cheese and ice cream (though sorbet is on equal footing). 

Here's the gray area: bee products. 

I don't eat bees or bee babies or bee boogers. 

I eat honey, which is also known as bee poop. And I think beeswax is the uh, bees-knees.

Grey does not.  And he refuses to eat honey or bee products.  Adamantly.

So you know what I eat on our vegan days as a treat for being a cool part-time vegan? Jelly Bellys.


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