Thursday, August 23, 2012

Packing, Packing, Packing

Well, most of our stuff has been packed.  I'm typing on Grey's computer.  Tonight at some point he will come get his electronics together.  I have some more to do in the Norman house too.  We will take Grey's stuff to the Norman house on Saturday and then the movers will come pick up everything on Monday around 2.  We had a little get-together last Saturday and a few people came to say goodbye.  I had a lot of fun. Low-key, lots of friends and food! Cathy made homemade, multi-grain pretzels. I love them with mustard.  My favorite!  For the carnivores, she brought barbecue pork.

After sending our stuff on, I'll clean the heck out of the houses and we'll fly the nest on September 1.  I will not cry, I will not cry.  I might cry. More.

Here are some people and things I will miss in Oklahoma.

Tulsa Sunshine

And Bridges

I love it when it rains!

I WON'T miss all that driving

There is a lot of severe weather in Oklahoma

Shelly and her sparkling wine

Shelly and I

Cathy and Chuck


More friends!

Big's new family (+ 4 kids, dogs and cats)

Hey there!

The incorrigible Jenni V

Look at those crummy attitudes! 


We don't talk about the move. Too difficult. Just smile. 

My last picture of Big as he went to his new home

Stuff at the Norman house

Downtown Tulsa

I am so lucky to see this man every day
These are Grey's CD's and books


  1. How did I not know that you are friends with Jenni Van?! It makes perfect sense, though, because you are both amazing. She teaches at MHS with me and I have only know her a couple weeks but already love her!

    1. Yes! We met in 2005 at OCCC. She went on to become a brilliant English teacher and good friend. I just love her!