Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why Am I Doing This?

Hi Friends!
I am creating a blog because I want a place away from Facebook to post my blogs. I like Facebook. Before that, I liked Myspace. But on Facebook, people want to post their statuses and chitchat and maybe have a few seconds of political or humorous soundbite before they go about their day.

Sometimes my posts are very funny. Sometimes they are politically motivated. Ok, usually they are politically motivated. In Oklahoma, I'm considered very liberal. Where I'm from, in Washington, I'm considered a moderate. In fact, people outside of my adopted state, I often get incredulous comments on why I even live in the middle of what is referred to as Jesusland/Gayhaterville. I say it's because this is my home and I'm needed here. My voice as a minority is important to be heard.

Often, I'll just post a quick update on my life. I have an insane family, whom I love, and a busy life. I am a full time doctoral student at the University of Oklahoma, an English teacher at the same school and an adjunct English teacher at Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma City Campus. That one is a two year college. My mom's name is Pat. She lives somewhere in Oregon in the East. I went there once. There were banjos. My sisters, Mickie, Patti, and Yvette, live in Washington and each has their own story that intersects and departs with and from mine. My brother Thorn, who I adopted around 1996, is a gay rights/AIDS advocate in Portland. My grandma is my last surviving grandparent and she is often in ill health, though she tells great stories.

Don't get me started on my friends today. We'll be here all night. But I will tell you a bit about my boyfriend, Luke. He's an Okie. A paranoid, gun-toting, sweet intelligent (as in a degree in math), funny and thoughtful guy. That's Luke. His full-time job is ok, but it's his weekend job as a bass player that lights it up for him. We're moving in together this month.

Life keeps me very busy. All of those things I do, I do because I love. I teach tolerance. I live, eat and breathe education, critical thinking and equality. I don't hold no truck with narrow-mindedness.

I hope you enjoy the blog. That's why I created it. Stay tuned, kids. More to come.


  1. I'm glad to hear you and Luke are finally moving in together. From the moment I met him I thought to myself that, whether you realized it or not, the two of you belong together. I wish you both all the best.

  2. I couldn't have said it better myself Keith!