Sunday, May 24, 2015


This guy!
I know, I know. I've been terrible. Lately I haven't done much writing because I've been holding my breath for things that did not materialize.  So then after that I spent some time just hiding under my bed.

Ok, on top of my bed but under the covers. Sometimes G would join me just to keep me company. He's cool like that.  In fact, he can hide in my blanket fort anytime.

For his birthday this year, I told him we were going on a trip and to not ask me any questions about it.  I planned out a trip to Vancouver, BC. He had never been to Canada except for a brief few hours in his youth. So I stole his passport and picked him up at work on a Friday at noon.

We walked and walked, which won't be a surprise to any readers. We ate scrumptious food and went on a tour of the city. We stayed at the oldest working hotel in Vancouver.

And we enjoyed every moment. We even saw friends from Ellensburg while we were there! It was awesome.

In the words of my husband "This was my favorite birthday ever. So far."

Just wait until next year, buddy.


Doesn't she look like a teacher? 
It's like we're sisters!
He does love urban hiking


Stanley Park

The Aquarium

This rescue dolphin's name is Helen. 

Beluga Whale
4 D Movie!

I LOVE totem poles

She's called "The Diver"

If you ever get the chance, eat at a place called Salmon and Bannock!

This was the other excellent place to eat- Go Fish. 


Heading home, back to the good old U.S. of A. 

There are my mountains


  1. What a sweet and fun wife you are! I've only managed to pull off a surprise like that once. Your pics are really good. We left from Vancouver to go to Alaska, so the pics of those cruise boats are probably the main memory I have of that city. I do remember the food was good.

  2. Enjoyed seeing more of the photos. What a great time you planned.
    Sorry you spent time in your "blanket fort", but I understand that really helps sometimes, especially when you have someone to share your fort with. ((HUGS))