Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Catch up!

Catching Up!

Life is moving fast, so I'm going to hit a few highlights and add lots of pictures. Sound ok?

 As it cools down outside, my tea love spouts again. Actually, I started drinking hot tea to help get me in the fall mood, even though it was over 80 outside then.  I love this mug, and if I'm honest, all things owl. My husband doesn't, so I keep all my cool owl stuff at work.

 My little kitty is certainly aware of how cute she is.  This is how she gets people to cuddle when they're running late.

 I snapped this on campus. The science building is lovely, and even mores with bright trees turning color out front.

 Eleanor is running out of fall days where it's warm enough to go outside. Almost every day she demands a few minutes out in the autumn air. On the porch, away from bugs and dirt.

 Saturday mornings are our sleep in days. I love to get up before G, make a strong pot of coffee, and whip up some breakfast in bed.  This is my favorite. His favorite is- always- blueberry pancakes.

 Yup. Still knows she's cute.

 This is the building where I work, taken from the south side.

 This little creek runs all over town and is part of my daily commute.  By "commute" I mean that both G and I walk to work.

 Hello Fall! This is right outside of city hall and half a block from home.

 This concoction is butternut squash and apple soup. It was delicious. We finally got a crock pot!

 Closer picture of my building. There is no bottom floor on the bottom. All this is just the middle joiners of two buildings- one on either side of the camera's view. My office is on that top floor on the right.

 Maybe not a GREAT view, but the window opens wide.

 Ready for fall, it just hasn't happened yet!

 As the faculty affiliate for women's softball, I go to as many games as I can. We had one two weekends ago- just exhibition games. G is gracious and goes with me.

 This is Barge, the oldest and most beautiful building on campus.

 Snuggle time.

 Fall means the roses are fewer and farther between, and also more dramatic.

 Yellow roses always remind me of my sister, Patti.

 Part of my commute.  One of my bloggy friends reminded me of how lucky I am to live in an absolutely beautiful part of the world. I couldn't agree more.

Speaking of beautiful, look at that cup of coffee!  Just kidding. The other thing I am so, so grateful for is the opportunity to work in the same place as my husband. We get to have lunch together several times a week too. Doesn't he look like Sam the Eagle from the Muppets?

Well, that's my catch up. Hope you are enjoying fall as much as I am. Fall is almost my favorite time of year. I can't WAIT for the snow to start falling. I'm hoping for a really cold, really snowy year. Wish us luck!


  1. Highlights? I see lots of blessings. And I want to know more about that soup. Is it very sweet? The commute has to make your day!
    I'm embarrassed to say I don't know Sam the Eagle, but I do remember Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.

  2. I can tell you are entering your "Happy Zone" of the year. This is definitely your type of weather! It won't be long till you're in the prime of the season. Love all you photos!!

  3. I'm looking forward to a cold, snowy winter, as well, but ice is more likely to be in the mail for Oklahoma than snow. Thanks for the great photos. I hope all's well with you.

    - D. Miller