Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I went to high school with a guy named Rob.  We were in the same class and worked at Ski Bluewood together for our high school years, along with Bill and Gene and several others.  I was in the rental shop and most of them were ski instructors.  Rob and I went to our senior homecoming as friends.  He was a nice guy, polite, well-spoken and generally a sunny sort of fellow.  He went to college right away- Gonzaga- for a business degree. Great school.  Later he got another degree in cinema and worked as a lighting designer for stage and theater in the San Francisco Bay area.

He died recently. I didn't ask from what. If I were meant to know, someone would have told me.  This is perhaps the only reason I regret skipping our 20 year class reunion.

I would have liked to catch up with him, to hear stories of art and cinema in San Francisco.  He was a traveler and I think he had some great adventures that now I won't get to hear about.  No sitting in a pub in Dayton, laughing about how we've all grown and changed and made huge mistakes and had small triumphs and unexpected turns in our lives.  I won't get to introduce Rob to my husband and say "I remember how nice you always were to me.  I appreciate your kindness. I'm glad to re-make your acquaintance".

The only thing left to do is to go to his memorial this weekend in Dayton.  A couple of us from the Class of '91 sent flowers and are going to gather before the funeral to say hello and have a cup of coffee.  It will be nice to see everyone.

I guess I'll be going to that reunion after all.  You will be missed, Rob.

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  1. Glad you will get to go to the memorial service. It's hard to lose a friend who was so important to your past. ((HUGS))