Friday, July 19, 2013

Summertime and the Living's Easy

I have been in a bit of a funk lately. I'm waiting for my final contract-the one that bestows upon me a permanent job with no expiration date.

I have paperwork assuring me that this will happen. I have my boss's assurance. I have his boss's word. But things move s-l-o-w in academe and my contract expired at the end of June. I'm on an interim until September. Ugh! It's frustrating because I don't feel comfortable going forward with so many plans until I have this big puzzle piece in place.

I can't complain; things could be worse.

So last weekend, G cheered me up by taking me to Leavenworth, Wa. We've been there before, but not in summertime. It's a little German village in the middle of Washington state.
It Looks Farther Than It Is

Oh, it was lovely.  We did a walking tour of Blackbird island, which is the man made by-product of a turn of the last century mill.  We at at Pavz, a cute little french cafe, and visited the Nutcracker Museum, which is fascinating and houses thousands of beautiful, unique and historical nutcrackers (and some that make you go  Ooo-la-la).  
Good night, Knight! 

A little inlet

The Wentachee River

Oh Nutcracker! I adore you!

Mouse King (Life Size)

Art Imitating Life 
We also stopped into the Icicle Brewing Company for a pint, since that's apparently something everyone does.  I made a happy discovery: half pints are available for beer.  Perfect. I like beer, but I can't have a whole lot of wheat, hops, or whole grain stuff AND I have a low tolerance for alcohol.  
Half Pint! 
We walked around town too, to look at the architecture.  We found a neat church-turned-hotel with an onion design on top and a beautiful door. 
The Steeple is Now Part of a Suite

What a Beautiful Door
The sun started to go down. The people floating the river on inner tubes all came up from the water and invaded the town with sand and shorts and sunburns. Usually I don't like crowds; they make me tired. I'm an introvert. But the walk helped and so did putting my feet in the water.

So we lounged around town a bit more, smiled a good deal, and I realized that my bad mood was gone and that living my life waiting for my university to get off its ass isn't as much fun as having adventures.  
Husband Therapy Works Every Time

Um, Yeah. We're a Little Dorky. 
Then we rode off into the sunset.

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  1. I love that type of day!
    Glad you guys had fun exploring.
    Dorky? You two make Dorky "Cool"!!