Thursday, September 20, 2012

Keep Calm And Teach On

The most important news is that I have finally figured out what Gangnam Style is.  It's a video by PSY, a hippy-hipster from S. Korea.  I have to warn you though, once you hear this catchy tune, you won't be able to get it out of your head.

It's a little bit of political satire mixed with slightly off-color lyrics and hot, hot, HOT dance moves.  I might bust them out in the shower tomorrow.  Wait, knowing me, I'll slip and bust my butt.  I'll try them in the privacy of my own bedroom instead.  My poor husband (shakes head sadly).  Anyway, the video is not in English but that's totally not a barrier to understanding it.

I had my first day of class on Wednesday (yesterday).  I have made some changes- I am trying to not cuss at all, which is very difficult. And uh, yeah, that's the biggest change.  There are precious few non-white students at the school and in my classes I feel like I'm teaching just about as homogenous of a group as I ever have.  But this is not the fault of my students and they do seem amenable and fun.  We will commence ta' learnin' just as soon as I can figure out what to do next.

Hello, Students! 
My office is pretty uniquely situated.  I am the only English professor whose office is not housed in the Language and Literature building.  Since I am only half English and half Student Services (I am the PI of a neat little grant), SS ponied up the office space.  By "uniquely situated", I mean that I am right smack dab in the middle of a dorm.  See that little overhang on the right side by the bicycle dude? That's the entrance to my office.

The major advantage is that I am right there if students need me. The bad news is that I'm always right there. Of course, of the 3,000 or so freshmen, I only teach 75, so it's cool. I only bother about 200 of the students.

Did I mention that this is a brand-spanking-new building? See the yellow tape? That means the grass has just been laid. The office dimensions are pretty generous, the computer and desk and chair and bookshelves and everything are brand new and the facilities director hooked me UP.  There is a KITCHEN in there.  And the water fountains have filtered water- one has a special sensor for water bottles.  Yes, free, chilled water for my water bottle whenever I want.  And there is a little sign with my name on it with "Dr." at the beginning.

I keep waiting for the campus police to come escort me off. "We have reports that you're impersonating a real live professor. Please come with us."  For some reason I still have possession of my karate manuals and I'm keeping them in the office.  Just. In. Case. They are going to have to take that office from my cold, dead, bloody hands.

What I really need to do- besides create curriculum for classes, write and publish some amazing stuff and find a secure job for next year- is to find a way to work Gangnam Style into my teaching this year. Keep calm and teach on.


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  1. The office set up sounds great!
    Very happy for you!

    It seems that every time I've turned on the TV lately, Psy is singin' and shakin'
    his strange dance moves on the screen. He's EVERYWHERE!!