Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day...Again

Every year I get cranky about Valentine's Day.  Last year was not so bad- good relationship and an evening spent playing games with friends.  I've never been one to celebrate a day devoted to selling cards, candy, gifts and strawberry-flavored condoms in an effort to reduce the spread of STD's.

This year seems somewhat disheartening.  It could be because of the large movements in my life- writing my dissertation and preparing  for not being a student anymore, finding a permanent job and a place to live- but it's difficult for me on a regular day to kow-tow to romantic love, let alone to a day devoted to reaffirming that I am indeed, lovable.  I don't think there will be flowers or surprise gifts.

Instead of this mental masturbation and head games aimed at trying to see if one can somehow finagle a declaration of affection from someone who may or may not be into it, let's instead consider a greater love, that of one human to another; a love that does not expect anything in return but is its own reward.  Let's consider holding hands with our neighbors, our enemies and even people we know and don't like that well in an effort to just all get along for a few moments.

Me, I plan to look outside of my own selfishness for a few minutes tomorrow and do something for someone else.  I'm not sure what form that will take and if I did, I wouldn't tell.  If we consider Dr. King's idea that all of our destinies are intertwined, then let's just say that in performing any act of kindness, I really am helping myself.

Wait... I bet it works both ways.  Hmm.  If I eat chocolate, then I can be happy, and if I am happy, then it will make others happy...

Happy Valentine's Day.

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