Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ada Bound

Welp, looks like I'll be rising at 5 a.m. on the weekdays to commute to my new job in Ada, Oklahoma. I've secured a one-year lectureship at East Central University while I finish my doctorate. Seventy miles one way means that my days will be long. Taking two classes and teaching 5 and writing my general exams will take its toll. I know. I don't mind. I've always been one who had lots of energy. At least I feel that way right now.

As much as I'm NOT a morning person (ok, I'm a total corpse before say, 11:00 a.m.), the morning drive is lovely and the people I work with are sweet and kind and for the most part thoughtful. My classes are practically back to back and I get done teaching at 2 in the afternoon.

But really, not a morning person. I don't look good all day when I get up that early. My hair is too fuzzy, my makeup runs and frankly, nothing fits right. Probably because I dressed in a haze in the dark and am wearing unmatching shoes with a runner in my pantyhose. This was the case today, when we had convocation.
Convocation is the welcome back howdy-ho that the administration gives the faculty. Lots of sparkly words and promises and a few admonitions. Really, seriously, nice people. A few weird ones too but that's to be expected in academe.

And one the English faculty, Steve Benton, took my picture. I look like Elvira. So I came home and promptly took the color out of my hair. Done. Now I'm sort of a pumpkin blonde. And I'm adding a photo of what I really look like, without all the make up and hair brushing (overrated) and perfume (necessary) associated with being a professional in my field. And he took down this blog information. This is me when I'm about to commit evil deeds in the yard in the Oklahoma heat. So yeah, now big brother is watching my blog. Fuck.


  1. You did not look like Elvira!

    Big Brother

  2. I love your energy. It makes me want to do more. I hope that you love your new job. It sounds great but very time-consuming. Who is your dissertation director? miss you always, Rachel