Friday, June 18, 2010

Photos From Here and There

I'm uploading a few recent photos from this week. The first is the Cohen's D effect discussion from my stats class in the context of an SPSS discussion of a t-test.
The next is me from last night. It was 10 p.m., and I'd just gotten done on the garden. Just call me the yard warrior. I totally need a shower. But I also don't believe in only putting up pictures of me that look like Barbie. I'm not a barbie, I'm a real person. Plus, you can see my uncle's shirt (see the blog post marked "Obsession", then it'll make sense).
Speaking of gardens, the next two are finished products from last night. Today I'll go plant a tree and finish staking out the other two.
Finally is a shot of Mia (left) and Big on a walk around OU. You can see the library tower in the foreground.

Sorry about the poor organization- I'm still working on how to manipulate this site for maximum ease.


  1. Hey, That's a nice picture! Is that flannel & a bandanna!? ;)

  2. The yard looks great! I have the obsession also but I run out of time and them I quit when too many weeds take over. I do love my Liberty apple tree though!!!!

  3. @Jen- close enough. The shirt is cotton, but the bandanna is real. Ha!
    @Bonnie- I love your yard and your home projects! Keep posting pictures!