Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Favorite Season

You would think, that since I have spent the last three nights curled up in the evenings by the heater with a blanket, that I didn't like the cold.  In fact, last night I fell asleep snuggled in a comforter right next to the couch because it was warm and snuggly and Eleanor wanted to be cuddled. 

You might think that since yesterday it was 34 degrees in the morning and that this morning it was 32 degrees, I would be sad that I can't wear my flip-flops to walk to work (it's almost a mile from my house).  Or that I would be sad that I don't have a good scarf to keep my neck warm.

Or that since fresh fruit season is almost gone, I might lament having moved to Washington just in time to see the world spin down to a frozen ice cube. 

You would be wrong.

Except for the fresh fruit part.  I stole gleaned an apple from a passing tree the other day as we walked out past the edge of town.  Best I have ever had.  And I eat a boatload of apples, people. 

Yep, I love autumn.  I love falling, crunchy leaves and seeing my breath as I walk to work.  I love cool and brisk days where you have to walk faster or shiver the whole way. I like to call my Okie friends on my way to work because they are two hours ahead of me and already up and around.  I love pumpkins on the front porch and sideways sunshine coming through the blinds.  
Finally! I can snooze and you can write...

I even like coming downstairs in the morning and turning on the heaters.  I love that little Eleanor will sleep on my lap now that it's cooler and being warm is a priority once again.  And sweaters. I adore wearing sweaters. 

The problem is that I am terribly underprepared.  I accidentally left my winter coats and most of my warm clothes in Oklahoma.  I did buy a light jacket but will need to invest in a heavy parka, a space heater for my office and some good boots in the next month. 

Halloween is coming with candy and hopefully some trick-or-treaters this year since our house is downtown.  Then there's Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes, which are kind of my yearly indulgence.  And sweet potatoe casserole and green beans and beets and stuffing!

I'm getting hungry. Sometimes my friends complain that I lose weight in spring and summer.  Then they see me in winter. I'm like a bear, man. 

And Grey?  He's great.  He loves cold weather.  He barely dons his light jacket to go out in the evening and finally closed the bedroom window just last night.  Grey also had the foresight to bring his heavy coat, unlike me.  We signed up for a beginning yoga class together too.  Our yoga mats match and a gal from my office is coming with us too.  We will soon meet more people in the community and will continue settling in.  I can't wait for snow!

At the Entrance to Pike Place Market
We took a day trip to Seattle last Saturday; got up early and left the house at 9, returning at midnight that night after a full day of Pike Place Market, bookstores, coffee houses and yummy yummy food.  We brought home some Beecher's cheese and dried fruit from a vendor in the market.  And we saw a movie on a 70 millimeter Cinerama, which is a big as an Imax screen but not in Imax.  Pretty cool picture and sound.  The theater held something like 800 people and it was at least 3/4 full.  "The Master" was a pretty good film, though the plot left something to be desired.  Joaquin Phoenix and Phyllip Seymour Hoffman could get Oscar nods for their performances.  We had dinner overlooking the bay.

It's getting cold here
Grey Cavitt: Not Cold
We had such a good day too.  Lots of people don't know that September is the best month to visit in the Northwest, since it's the least rainy and most...verdant.  We caught the last of that for the year but will be regular visitors.  Since Snoqualmie Pass (click here to see current camera photos) lies between us and the Emerald City, we will remain at the mercy of snow and ice.  Our little car, Silver, can only be asked to do so much. 

In the meantime, I'll keep walking to work.  And I'm going sweater shopping too.
A View at Dinner

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  1. That weather is not for me, but glad you're enjoying it!