Sunday, May 27, 2012

Easily Controlled

Sweet Basil

Gnome, Vinca, Strawberry, Wandering Jew, Rhodendron

My Personal Reminder to Chill 

I Love Petunias! 

Shamrock For Luck

Wandering Jew- Probably My Favorite

I'm not sure where this blog is going to go today.  I think it will be about control. There are so many things that I cannot control right now and I really, really want to.  Let's start with things that I can control. Like my lawn and the growing stuff in containers on my porch.

I can also control what I put in my body and, to a certain extent, the well-being of my dog.

These things are formulaic in nature.  I mix soil, seeds and sunshine and add water and up come little sprouts.  I dig a hole and put a stick in the ground and five years later, there are apples forming in the early spring.  I know about things that seed and root.  I know about luck and temperature and Miracle Grow plant food.  I know when an apple tree is dead and sadly, I pulled up my three year old Braeburn this weekend and said goodbye.

Grey is allergic to cats, except Eleanor
Likewise, I have had animals my whole life.  Dogs, cats, sheep, goats, you name it.  I was around livestock for a good long time too, and worked at both a veterinarian's office in Las Vegas and at the Tulsa Zoo.  I mean, I have seen a good deal of the lifespan of animals.  I even have a degree in Biology.  So keeping Eleanor alive for these last 16 years is not a surprise.  I do tend to spoil her so she wakes me up early.  Hence, I like to write on Saturday and Sunday mornings while everyone else is sleeping in.  She got sick a few years ago and stopped eating properly and began limping in her hind quarters.  I diagnosed arthritis and some sort of stomach disorder which prevented her from getting food from her stomach through the duodenum.  She was throwing up quickly after eating but was hungry all the time.  She went from ten pounds to 7.5 in a hurry.  My veterinarian concurred and he put her on a couple of medicines.  Today she is 9 pounds 4 oz.  The problem is that I thought she was going to die so I babied her like nothing else.  So Eleanor did the natural thing for a cat and took advantage of the situation. I have to use a spray water bottle to keep her in line- meowing for food, wanting to be petted in the middle of the night and clawing me playfully while I'm sleeping when she wants attention. I created a monster!  She is the sweetest monster ever though.

Big Happy Dog
Big Dogg is different.  I hadn't noticed until this spring that he is getting older.  I estimate that he is about 6 now and still spry.  His favorite buddy is still Tobey.  We go walking but he can no longer do three miles without significant slowing down and even a rest along the way.  Then the next day he will limp on his front left shoulder.  Poor old guy.  His muzzle is getting greyer too.  I put him on a diet since that will help with limping.  I realized that my buddy is old and fat.  I'm controlling what I can!

As for me, I have a wedding coming up.  I am watching what I eat and making sure I get plenty of exercise and sleep.  I haven't had a bronchitis flare-up for a month now, and school gets out on Friday.  I am excited to think it might be some time before I get sick again!  The puffiness has left my eyes and I'm sleeping better (except for the attention-starved kitty) because I'm not up all night coughing, then taking cough syrup to get to sleep.  I fear addiction above all things and cough syrup with codeine could be habit-forming.  So I'm careful of what I put in my body.  Speaking of that, I ate like crap last night.  My friends threw me a surprise bridal shower (in collusion with Mr. Grey Cavitt) and I ate chips and queso, a cheese enchilada and a gorgeous piece of cake.  So this morning I was craving something with fiber and green deliciousness.  Of course, this time of year that means asparagus.
My Springtime Addiction

I do love asparagus. And I have some damn good friends.  

My last realm of control is my yard.  It's no secret that I dislike running a lawnmower.  Just look through my blogs and listen to me cyber-complain.  I have a lot to do for this upcoming wedding and I love to do container gardening since I have no idea where we will be in three months.  I also don't have an edger and really wanted my family to see a neat and tidy home.  So I did something very smart and hired Tim Albrecht to do some work.  Mowing (and bagging- something I never do), weed eating and edging.  He did a wonderful job though he told me that he killed three baby copperhead snakes.  I mentioned that I am perhaps the only woman in this county who doesn't mind snakes and that yes, I had seen them.  They eat bugs you know. He must have thought I had lost my mind because copperheads are poisonous.  Eh, we get along just fine.  One should make an effort to live in harmony with all nature, not just the nature that is cute.  I hope he missed one of the babies. I don't want my house overrun with bugs.  In any case, now I can concentrate on things I like, like sprucing up the house for a visit from my relatives, friends and soon to be in-laws. 

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